Home for the Holidays: Time for The Talk with Elderly Parents

In a new episode of Absolute Trust Talk, Linda Fodrini-Johnson, licensed family therapist and professional certified care manager, joins host Kristen Howe as they discuss how to have a talk with elderly parents about their care needs.

Many of us have been reconnecting with elderly parents and loved ones for the first time in a long time. And while we may have been in touch over the phone or via Zoom, you might be surprised at some of the changes you will see. It can be hard to accept that our parent’s health, mobility, self-sufficiency, or even safety has begun to decline. With these concerns come many questions, and you may be tempted to jump right in to help solve them, but there is a time and place for everything.

In the netcast episode, Linda and Kristen discuss returning home for the holidays and what to do if you notice a parent beginning to struggle with their day-to-day routine. Some tips you’ll learn about in this episode include:

  • Why it’s important to observe what’s happening in your parent’s home before you start having discussions.
  • How to prioritize any safety issues you may recognize.
  • How to determine what legal planning has been done or needs to be done.
  •  Ways to break into conversation on the issues at home.

And more!

Whether this talk with elderly parents is one you’ve been putting off or one you’re not sure how to start, this important episode will give you the ins and outs you need to approach your loved ones. It’s time to press play!

It can be difficult to take responsibility for your parents as their wellness declines. Managing your own life along with the challenges and logistics of an older adult may leave you at a loss for how exactly to navigate everything. The Empowered Caregiver: Practical Advice and Emotional Support for Adult Children of Aging Parents, by Linda Fodrini-Johnson will provide scripts, tips, tools, and a variety of resources to help you take the next steps with compassion and clear instruction. If caregiving is something you’ve been struggling with, it’s time to get your copy of The Empowered Caregiver now!

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