The Empowered Caregiver

She’s finally done it!  After 20 years of being asked to write a book, she finally has!  Here’s a bit of what you can expect in the book.

Taking responsibility for the healthcare, safety, and financial affairs of our parents as they near the end of their life is an immense undertaking and comes with challenges, logistics, and stresses that we don’t always know how to navigate. We want to provide the best care we can and make the right decisions for our parents, but we need tips, tools, and education around this and help and encouragement as we do it. The Empowered Caregiver is a pocket support guide specifically designed to provide you with strategies and solutions for caring for your aging parents. It offers useful interventions to frame your thinking, help you manage difficult situations, and reduce your stress as your parents decline and need greater assistance.

In this book, you’ll find quick ideas you can immediately apply, easy-to-view lists, scripts you can use for tough conversations, examples of questions to ask doctors and lawyers, and other resources, all rooted in author Linda Fodrini-Johnson’s deep understanding of aging and life transitions and her 30+ years as a therapist, counselor, and certified professional care expert. It’s organized by topic, so you can quickly flip to the information you need most, and covers all aspects of eldercare, answering questions you didn’t even know you had with compassion and experience.

Whether you’re an adult child whose parents are aging, an eldercare beginner who doesn’t know where to start, someone who’s emotionally impacted by the decline of a loved one, a family member of an elder with dementia, or someone seeing expert advice on how to handle their parents’ affairs, this book will empower you with the insights, advice, and support you need. The Empowered Caregiver is an essential companion you can keep at your side and a must-read for anyone with aging parents. You’ll learn how to improve life for your parents, your family, and yourself.

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