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Would you like to know how to use your cell phone better?

Senior woman using mobile phone while sitting on sofa.

The State of California provides to all California residents, a free 2-hour one-time Zoom class (with 1-10 students per class) for basic and accessibility training for smartphones, either iPhone or Android. Students can keep the class recording for a week and a paper manual forever. To find out about this smartphone training call 1-866-271-1540 or email smartphonetraining@ccaf.us

Dementia & Horse Therapy 

Throughout the country, there are wonderful programs that use horses for therapy with Veterans, disabled children, and adults. This includes programs designed for those caring for someone with a memory disorder. Many offer scholarships to assist with or cover the costs. Participants come for a series of classes – grooming the horses and being in the presence of a powerful and lovely animal is very therapeutic.  

The “Connected Horse” program offered by Xenophon Therapeutic Riding Center located in Orinda, is for people living with early-stage dementia and their care partners. The next series of workshops runs from June 15 to July 6. Each session is two hours. Spaces are limited – contact Judy@connectedhorse.org for more details. If you live out of state check the Connected Horse website to find a program near you. 

Adaptive Clothing

Finding clothing, from underwear to jeans, that is easy to get on can help people with medical challenges or those experiencing cognitive changes, with their sense of independence and can help build self-esteem. Also, some clothing is designed for easy caregiving – like side zippers, or shirts with magnets on buttons for easy closing. Velcro closures also can be a big plus to self-dressing. Both Buck & Buck and Silverts have lots of choices in clothing that are easy for both the caregiver and the individual with a disability. After surgery I wish I had known about Reboundwear. They offer great post surgery options.

Medical adaptive clothing that is stylish is often hard to find. Tommy Hilfiger has a line of adaptive clothing, including very stylish shirts with magnets. Younger individuals with disabilities want to wear jeans that are comfortable – IZ Adaptive has just what they want. Individuals might just need one shoe because of an amputation and Zappos will sell just one shoe. I’m glad to see all of these companies offering more stylish choices that are also designed for comfort and ease.

Resistance to Drinking More Water

Dehydration can lead to falls, confusion, electrolyte imbalance, and hospitalizations. I hear from families all the time that their family member does not want to drink water. As we begin the hot summer season, we want to make sure our aging family members do not become dehydrated. Try offering fruits like melons at breakfast, and soups for lunch and dinner. Frozen juice bars are great for a snack in the afternoon. Adding fruit slices, cucumbers or basil to water adds a refreshing taste, but always remember to take the herbs and/or fruit out before giving it to your family member. There are also lots of recipes for cold soups you should check out.

Affirmation: “I keep apprised on what will make life easier for me and those I care for.”


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